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Sycamore Canyon Labradoodles

               About Us

Sycamore Canyon Australian Labradoodles is the home of Jeff and Gretchen Werner, four children and their Labradoodle family.  They live on two acres in Canyon Crest Riverside that backs up to the Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park. They have been involved in breeding Goldens for many years but have developed a deep affection for the Labradoodle breed and are looking to create a beautiful line of puppies to add to their family.  The Werner's enjoy the ocean, camping, hiking in the Indian Canyons, weightlifting and cooking. They have a deep faith that keeps their home positive and uplifting; a perfect place to raise Labradoodles that have the attributes most desired in a best friend; lovable and well adjusted

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Encinitas, California

Walking Rowan...

Beach Camping in Encinitas

     Jeff & GretchenWerner

 Riverside, California


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