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         WALA00014716`~602 636 559
      Multi-gen Australian Labradoodle

             SIZE: Standard
             HEIGHT: 22 inches
             WEIGHT: 45 lbs.
             COLOR: Carmel/Red
             COAT TYPE: Fleece
             HIPS: OFA Good
             DM: Clear

             ELBOWS: OFA Clear
             EYES: ACVO Clear



Rowan is a multi-generational Australian Labradoodle, DOB 12-21-2018. Sire: Big Rock Master Yoda, Dam: Cherry Flair for Dramatic Timing.  Sire's entire PPC Panel clear, Dam's entire PPC Panel Clear. Rowan has all of her shots, Good OFA, Clear Eyes, Clear DM.


Rowan has been raised in our loving home in Riverside, California, everyone who knows her falls in love!  Rowan has a stunning look, with solid boning, and fantastic conformation! She has a gorgeous wavy fleece in the much desired red with a small beauty mark of white on her chest.  We spent an entire year researching...looking for the perfect pairing; Big Rock Yoda and Cherry Flair did not disappoint!  Rowan loves to be the center of attention and the life of the party! Our family gets to feel like movie stars just walking down the street, Rowan turns everybody's head.




Sycamore Canyon's "Rum"


SIZE: Medium to Standard

HEIGHT: 19 inches

WEIGHT: 35lb

COLOR: Apricot/Red

COAT TYPE: Wavy, non-shedding, Fleece



Hips: Fair

DM: Clear


Sycamore Canyon's "Rum" is a gorgeous multi-generational Australian Labradoodle, born June 15th, 2020. Rum's sire was Legeandary's very own "Grayson" and her dam "Cherry Rowan".  She has a lush wavy, caramel-colored coat, a strong, stocky body with the signature blocky head.  Her personality is playful and sweet and we love her so much.

We are looking forward to seeing the stunning puppies she will make in the future.

Sycamore Canyon's "Whiskey"


SIZE: Medium to Standard

HEIGHT: 19.5 inches

WEIGHT: 38lb

C0L0R: Red

COAT TYPE: Wavy, non-shedding, fleece



HIPS: Good

DM: Clear

Sycamore Canyon's "Whiskey" captures your heart immediately with her loving personality and calming presence.  She was born to Cherry Rowan and Legendary's Grayson.  Whiskey's lush coat in a gorgeous shade of red, with the perfect wave to it makes her stand out from the crowd. The confirmation of her body is straight and tall, and she has a beautiful blocky head and shorter snout.  All around beauty and grace.


  Sycamore Canyon 


HERE AT Sycamore Canyon, we strive to breed conformationally correct and genetically sound Australian Labradoodles, with excellent temperaments and trainability, and allergy and asthma friendly coats.  We enjoy sharing our experience and our dedication to the Labradoodle breed with families and other breeders.  If you have any questions or would like more information about our Australian Labradoodles, please feel free to contact us.

Our Girl's

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