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Sycamore Canyon Labradoodle is the home of Jeff and Gretchen Werner and their labradoodle family.  As an authentic Australian Labradoodle hobby breeder, They offer beautiful Labradoodles with the desirable, blocky-style head, stocky, heavy boned frame, and the signature luxurious, soft coats.

AS members of the Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association, we have made it our focus to protect the health and future of our puppies while maintaining the integrity of the Labradoodle breed.  Our carefully planned breeding program is dedicated to quality, not only in the choice of premium pedigree characteristics, but also holding in upmost importance OFA hip, OFA elbow, and ACVO eye health clearances to ensure the healthiest labradoodle puppies possible.

Labradoodles are known to have a laid back, easy going temperament and are great family friends.  They are intelligent, easy to train, and typically finish at the top of their obedience classes.  Our Sycamore Canyon Labradoodles have allergy friendly coats that are non-shedding in stunning textures and colors.

Our Sycamore Canyon Labradoodle family is so blessed to be involved in sharing our puppies with other loving, caring families.  All of our puppies are raised for proper socialization and handling from birth.  We have four children still at home, so our Labradoodles are loved n and played with in a positive and healthy environment, guaranteeing a foundation that will help them reach their full potential. Paying attention to how our puppies grow from the day they are born to their rehoming at eight weeks old, you can be confident that they are constantly exposed to everyday sights and sounds to create a positive experience that will enable them to become life long companions.

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Jeff & Gretchen Werner

 Riverside, CA 92507

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